Helping People Discover Lasting Joy, Peace and Security

Relationship Issue Counseling

Helping People Discover Lasting Joy, Peace and Security

Relationship Issue Counseling

Free "Thought Snapshot"

Let's discover in God's Word solutions to your relationship issues including family therapy strategies. We also can help in business management consulting. Our first meeting together is free and includes a no-obligation THOUGHT SNAPSHOT.

About Us


About Us

Mike and Nancy have been married for 23 years. They came together as unbelievers from broken marriages, but when God became the most important thing in their lives they started seeing the blessings of Christian marriage.   They host a weekly one hour radio show about Christian Marriage and fellowship titled “Table Talk with Mike and Nancy” on WORQ-FM, where they discuss issues in marriage and Christian fellowship.   As Mike and Nancy learned the biblical lesson of Ephesians 5 regarding marriage, their marriage has grown and flourished. They have helped many Christian marriages grow in joy, trust and intimacy.  


Why Christian Thought Consulting?

Reality of the Christian Life   God’s Word tells us when we put our complete faith and trust in Jesus Christ we become a “new creation”. But the reality is this “new creation” still carries baggage and scars from our previous life of sin, bad decisions and wrong teachings. And this baggage will always seek to rob us of our joy as a Christian.   God’s Word teaches us how we can throw away this baggage and renew our minds to lead a life of increasing joy, peace and security. His Word and Spirit give us the ability to take our thoughts captive and start making good decisions that will bring us peace and joy, along with great marriages and relationships.  


Our Ministry

We help Christians understand and trust in the Word of God in all things.  God’s Word gives us answers to every important question and circumstance if we understand it in correct context.  But it is one thing to intellectually know the Word of God, and quite another to understand and apply it to our lives.  God’s Word speaks to marriage, leadership and relationships, and when we do things God’s ways we find our lives are more peaceful and joyful.

Our Process

What - Why - How


When Adam and Eve sinned in Eden, they were placed under a curse that would affect marriages and relationships as a result of their sin and disobedience to God.  But God’s Word tells us when we are born again we become a new creation.

We help people understand how sin has deteriorated our thought process and how God’s truth can actually repair the damage in our thought process, helping us make excellent choices.  By God’s Word and Spirit the curse can be reversed and our marriages and relationships can be fruitful and God-honoring once again.

All of us bring damaging baggage into our relationships from prior bad relationships and harmful teachings and “Life Commandments” we have accepted as truth unconsciously.  Our process helps people understand these damaging Life Commandments and replace them with truth from God.  As we allow God’s Word to improve our thought process, we are able to help one another grow in the knowledge and grace of Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18), giving us marriages and relationships that grow in love and respect.


Christians in the workplace are often placed into positions of leadership, faced with tremendous responsibilities.  How do we balance the demands of the workplace while remaining faithful to God as Christians?  How do we serve those over us, lead those under us, and remain faithful to God?

Our program discusses leadership from a biblical perspective, giving you the knowledge and tools to effectively follow and lead, even in an environment that might be hostile toward Christianity.

What does it mean to be a leader?  How does a leader differentiate from a boss?  How can I positively influence and lead others who might not even be Christians?

Our program will help you see things as God sees them regarding leadership, and give you biblical tools to communicate and lead anyone effectively.

Thought Processes

The Bible speaks to four thought processes every person can utilize: Evil, Animal, Human or Godly.

The person who consistently uses the evil or animal thought process will live a life of strife and misery and end up in hell for eternity.

The person who consistently uses a human thought process may end up in heaven but will lead an earthly life of stress and worry.

The person who uses a godly thought process ends up in heaven and leads a life of joy, peace and security, obtaining the full benefits of salvation and sanctification.

The Bible teaches us that true born-again believers receive the “mind of Christ” (1 Cor. 2:16).  We are able to see people and things more as God sees them, and able to take our thoughts captive to obeying Christ (2 Cor. 10:5), and living a life of joy, peace and purpose no matter our temporary circumstances..


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Our standard fee is $40 per hour, but our first meeting is at no cost as we get to learn your challenges and determine how we might help through our no-obligation thought "snapshot". There are no contracts to sign. You continue to meet as long as you feel our meetings are helping you.   If you are facing serious financial issues we will work out a plan to help you at a price you can afford.  

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