Is the information I share held in confidence?

Yes.  Your privacy is important to us and we will never share any information with others, like your pastor or family members, unless you ask us to do so.


Are you a licensed counselor?

No.  We are not constrained with the legal requirements of licensed counseling.  We simply help you understand your thought process and how you can make better decisions that will help you lead a happier, stress-free life.


Most licensed counseling is “humanist based”, using methods and principles that contradict God’s Word.  We use a unique system based on the Word of God—the One who created you and knows you best.  When we understand our relationship with God, and more clearly see things and people as He sees them, we are able to live joyfully without continual stress, and have better relationships with our spouse and others.  


Do you accept insurance?

No.  Since we are not licensed counselors no insurance coverage is available.


If I want to discuss challenges in my marriage, does my spouse have to be there?

Eventually, if you are serious about improving your marriage, it is important that you and your spouse learn to safely share and communicate effectively with each other.  Early on as you are sharing what you are thinking and feeling, we can meet alone.  We work with many married people who are initially afraid to open up and share their thoughts and emotions with their spouse.  We will help you learn how to share in a way that turns potential conflict into cooperation.  We will involve your spouse when both of you are comfortable doing so.


If I have some problems at work, does my boss or co-worker need to be there?

No.  Our goal is to help you have a great thought process that will help you deal effectively with difficult challenges and people.  All you can control is what you believe, think and do—we cannot control others.  We help you achieve a consistently productive thought process that will help you in all your relationships.   


Is this going to be an hour of you telling me everything I'm doing wrong?

Our initial consultation simply helps you understand why you believe, think and act like you do by the thought process you use and prior life experiences.  Our goal is always helping our clients understand how they can improve their thought process to make better decisions and have better relationships at home and at work.  


I'm in serious debt with no disposable funds, what if I can't afford your hourly rate?

We can provide our services in a way that will work within your current financial situation.  We do not turn anyone away for reasons of finances.


Is it possible to do this by phone, Skype or Facetime?

It is always best for us to meet face to face because a basis for our program is learning how to have personal and meaningful conversations with others.  Our initial meeting should be face-to-face, but follow-up discussions can be held via phone or Facetime if that is the only way we can talk.


What is your success rate with people that have come to you for consultations?

Not everyone really wants to get better.  If a person has the attitude that they are fine and everyone else is wrong, that person is acting out of pride and there is nothing we can do to help them.  However if a person is humble, and willing to look for ways they can think and act better, we have found tremendous success in helping people.  See our “Testimonial” section.


Do we meet at your office or in my home or business?

We will meet at a place that is convenient to you.  If there is travel time for us of more than 30 minutes we may ask for a small fee to cover travel expenses.


I keep unusual hours, are your consultation meeting times flexible?

We are usually available Monday-Saturday between the hours of 6am and 8pm.


Do you offer any sort of “guarantee”?

We guarantee one thing:  If you are humble, willing to look at yourself honestly, and truly desire to be a better person and improve your relationship with others, we can help you. This is not about “fixing” other people or finding a “silver bullet” to make all your problems go away.  It is not about learning to manipulate others for your gain.  It is about seeing yourself as God sees you and being committed to being all God wants you to be.  When we have a realistic perspective on how God sees us; and we can see others as He sees them, great things can happen.  You can have a great marriage; become an effective leader; and live a life of joy, peace and contentment regardless of the challenges life brings forward.  

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