The Joy Of The Lord is Your Strength - Nehemiah 8:10

My husband and I were on the brink of getting a divorce. Our relationship had gone from great to worse all in a matter of months. I was trying to work out our issues God’s way while my husband was trying to do it his own way.


My brother recommended we meet with Mike and I could not believe how much he knew about the word of God and how to apply God’s teaching to our marriage and just how to live in the fullness of God.   My husband and I learned so much about ourselves as a man and woman and where our place is in God and our marriage.


I had never met Mike before and he knew how to pull information from both my husband and I to give us the right tools to use in how we communicate with each other, how to love each other in God’s way, respect each other and to know how to treat my husband as a man, and for my husband to know how to treat me as a woman.  We did go to a counselor before meeting Mike and she could not even do what Mike did for us.   I could go on and on about how Mike has helped us tremendously; he has saved our marriage and it keeps getting better and better! 


I highly recommend Mike for any help you need. E. & D., Milwaukee


People who work out vary from those who are completely “out of shape” to those who are in top condition.  They work out to improve their health and/or maintain it.  Likewise, husbands and wives will only remain strong by consistently “working out.”  Sadly, few married couples ever seek “coaching”, either thinking  they don’t need to put in any effort, or can “go it alone” using their historically flawed plan.


Mike and Nancy are an incredible team.  Not calling themselves “counselors”, they were able to “coach” us through the difficulties we were having.  Like coaches, they used research and their own personal experiences to encourage us in our strengths and point out the flaws in our “game plan.”  The “Having a Wonderful Marriage” guide was an excellent precursor to our time together.  As a couple whose marriage needed more of a fine-tuning than an overhaul, the 2 hour meeting with the LeMays was engaging, challenging and seemed to fly by as we openly discussed the ways to make our marriage better.

S. & L., Green Bay


I believe that Jesus is the greatest leader in human history.  Who could be a better mentor or role model than God, right? Mike LeMay over the last year or so has been instrumental in my steady leadership skills growth using the infallible Word Of God to learn, to the best of our human ability, the “mind of Christ”. A.C., Kaukauna


We have been married for 15 years, but our marriage lacked any real joy even though we are both Christians.  We were beginning to drift apart and found ourselves arguing more and talking less.

Once we understood our biblical roles as husband and wife, and how to see each other as God sees us, we were able to really enjoy being married again.  When challenges come up now we are able to work together instead of against one another, and God is blessing our marriage in wonderful ways. J. & M., Green Bay


Mike helped me understand the difference between being a “boss” and a “leader” and it has helped me become a better husband, father and Supervisor at work.  I now look at every person I lead with the goal of helping them grow and get better.  What I have found is when you show genuine interest in others they are much more willing to follow.  Particularly, learning how to master “contrastive thought” has reduced the tension in my life with others.  Thank you! F, Appleton


I had committed my life to Jesus Christ but was still very confused about how my life as a Christian should look.  I found myself repeatedly falling into the same traps that led to wrong decisions and bad consequences.  By understanding how my brain works, and how the Word of God can improve my thought process, I am finding myself making better choices and living a life with less stress and worry.

Can’t thank you enough Mike! J, Green Bay


Our marriage was on “life support”.  We were constantly arguing and even wondering if we should stay married or not.  We spoke several times with our pastor, but nothing seemed to help.  A friend suggested we talk with Mike—and we are glad we did.  He helped us understand the issues we were facing, but most importantly, he helped us understand who God really is and how our marriage would grow as each of us grew in God’s love and grace toward each other.

We feel like newlyweds again, growing and sharing together.  As our love and understanding of God grows, our love and respect for one another is also growing.  Mike helped us develop a plan to make sure we were open, honest and sharing with each other.  Our marriage has never been better and it keeps getting better every day. Anonymous, Green Bay


I considered myself a Christian but my life was full of tension, anxiety and worry.  A friend suggested I talk with Mike.  And I have to say that at first I was disturbed and even angered by how Mike challenged my belief systems.  When he asked me if I was a Christian, I answered “yes”.  He asked me to define what a Christian was—and I couldn’t come up with a good definition.

He helped me realize I had not truly surrendered my will to God and that I did not truly know who God is.  I do now and I am learning what it truly means to be a Christian and surrender my life to God.  It hasn’t always been easy but Mike is continuing to help understand what the Christian life looks like and how to handle stress and worry when it comes up.  It is a blessing knowing I now have a friend and Christian mentor who will speak the truth in love to me and who wants me to grow in Christ. M, DePere


I am a Christian but I never felt like God really loved me.  Every time I made a bad choice I felt like He was ready to punish me and even take away my salvation.  I am a listener to Mike’s radio show and one day he and his guest talked about the difference between who we are and what we do as Christians.  I was intrigued so I visited Mike.

He helped me understand how God sees us once we confess our sins and place our complete faith in Jesus Christ.  Mike showed me what the Bible teaches about sin and the Christian life.  Now I realize that God really does love me and will not punish or condemn me over my occasional sins.  He also taught me a lot about how we can take our thoughts captive and make better choices that lead to happiness and joy.

My whole outlook on life is different now.  I am learning how to say “no” to temptation and make better choices.  I visit with Mike once a month for a “tune up” session and it always helps me stay focused on the big picture. J, Manitowoc  


I talked with Mike at one of his speaking engagements about the challenges I was facing at work.  I had just been promoted to a Department Manager position but I was having a lot of problems effectively communicating with the people who worked under me.  It seemed no matter how hard I tried my message was just not getting through to some of my employees.

I have been meeting with Mike and as I understand how to use contrastive thought and “conjunctives” I am finding more effective ways to lead my employees, helping them be more productive, happy employees.  One thing Mike shared that has changed the way I look at leadership is this: “Every great leader follows another great leader.”  Now that I am learning to truly follow Jesus, I am better able to lead others effectively.  A management position that once brought me a lot of stress has now actually become fun.  I actually enjoy coming to work every morning! P, Green Bay


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